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Streetwear Designers with A Strong T-Shirt Game
November 5, 2018|Fashion

Streetwear Designers with A Strong T-Shirt Game

Streetwear Designers with A Strong T-Shirt Game

Streetwear has been a constant trend for the last few years and has controlled what brands release in order to maintain a credible range. Streetwear styles are always changing, and currently, there’s a lot of options when it comes to both luxury and underground brands. The mainstream trend now gives wearers a lot of different choices when it comes to T-shirts, but some brands are standing out with designs which are setting a new standard.


Urban Tops

Brands such as Jameson Carter offer a complete range of tops that set themselves apart in the streetwear industry. With collections that offer the full brand name in clean text and their signature JC scribble tops, their collection is constantly talked about and worn by some significant celebrities in the UK. The collection they offer is a luxury streetwear staple that is better suited for people wanting a smart edge to their street style.


The Box Tee

Supreme have set a luxury standard with their famous red box tee, a plain top that offers a small centred red box with the brand inside. Other brands like BooHoo MAN now offer a similar style, minus the luxury price. It’s a strong style that works well under a zip hoody, and BooHoo offer their “MAN” branding on the similar top and so you won’t need to pay £100 for it.



It’s not a conventional streetwear label, but Cheap Monday’s range of t-shirts are continually changing, and currently, their choice of tops are using a retro strip inspiration and are branded with their skull insignia. Often this designer tailors its designs in a slim fit and the top works well in a relaxed pair of jeans and a denim jacket.


Bold Prints

Forty Percents Against Rights AKA FPAR is a designer offering streetwear with a deeper meaning. The brand creates t-shirts with bold text on them that has an underlying message usually in connection with political agendas. Their “MY LIFE IS MY LIFE” and “KNOW YOUR ENEMY” t-shirts are some of their best sellers along with some of their regular branded tops and hoodies which has skate origins.


It’s always worth mentioning that the majority of t-shirt styles can be incorporated into the streetwear trend, and the style is more of a culture of unconventional clothing when compared to other brands. But if you want to make a statement with your style this autumn, it’s worth trying some of these current trends to match up with trucker hats, jeans and tracksuits.


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